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Git Bisect, the Undervalued Debugging Machine Gun

Git bisect is a fantastic tool that could make debugging a breeze. Yet, very few people use it actively. In this quick article, I will showcase how git bisect can point out the where your bug cause lies, fairly fast. But first, lets talk about… Delta debugging Delta debugging is a process where you do many steps and in each one your plan is to eliminate half the “problem”. You can think of it as the binary search of debugging. Continue reading

A quick way to automate your conda uninstalls

It’s been a while since my last article, truth be told it was an over-demanding set of months for me and not only in my professional life. One of the best things though, I have done during this past period was to submit a chapter to First year in code (Thanks Isaac for the opportunity :) ) Today, I am gonna showcase a python script I made, to help you uninstall all the anaconda packages that match a certain filter. Continue reading