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How to evaluate if a Certification is worth it (for you)

Asking whether you should go for a certification or not, is maybe the most sought-after knowledge in the tech internet. Usually, accompanied by a flamed discussion of people with strong opinions and virtual verbal fights. I will share with you how I approach such dilemmas. Current or near-future career plans Getting a certification, at least a quality one, requires hard work and study. If this certification is going to improve your career prospects, tangibly, by all means, go for it. Continue reading

30 Tips for Software Engineering Careers, After 30 Years of Life

I turned 30, a few days ago. An interesting decade, where I did and learned a lot of things came to an end. I tend to keep track of such “life lessons”, so I thought it would be a good idea to publicize the most related to our work life as software engineers. Here we go: 1. Work really hard No one will grant you a promotion, salary increase or a better position for nothing. Continue reading

How to Survive a Noisy Office Environment

It is the most accepted fact after the great taste of ice-cream. Software engineers absolutely hate open plans or open offices. They are noisy and tight, distracting, nerve breaking and the last thing they do is to help yu enter a state of flow. Unless you are lucky and your colleagues know the pain and behave accordingly. Unfortunately, the open office, is an inevitable resource of our day to day work and it will be for the next few years, even though there are tons of voices against. Continue reading