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Asyncio, the invincible

TL;DR / Intro Async programming is the new sexy when it comes to multitasking. It became famous with NodeJS but you can find libraries that support it in most major languages. For example in Python, the two most famous approaches are the usage of Tornado Web Server and the built-in library asyncio. For today we will do an introduction to the latter, as it has gone through tons of iterations and improvements lately and it is ready to charm people with its intuitive approach. Continue reading

Self Testing for Solo Devs

Nothing can substitute a great team. But a real warrior, has to be able to rely on thyself, if needed. A few people nowadays, work on a team of one. People that are subject matter experts and the very best on their fields (and I am the last human on earth who can give them any professional advice). People that have just founded, solo, their own company (or their company partners are not technical). Continue reading

How to Survive a Noisy Office Environment

It is the most accepted fact after the great taste of ice-cream. Software engineers absolutely hate open plans or open offices. They are noisy and tight, distracting, nerve breaking and the last thing they do is to help yu enter a state of flow. Unless you are lucky and your colleagues know the pain and behave accordingly. Unfortunately, the open office, is an inevitable resource of our day to day work and it will be for the next few years, even though there are tons of voices against. Continue reading

Web Assembly for Buzzword Haters

Web assembly looks like the next best thing in web technologies. Even though the first release happened fairly recently, namely in early 2017, there were rumors and anticipation long ago. With a quick google searching, I found this HackerNews article, almost 3 years ago, for example. So what is all the hype about WebAssembly? As with all new(and promising) technologies, there is information overload in the air, I made a compact FAQ to help you get up to speed with this new kid in the town Continue reading

The Definite Guide to Pick the Correct Music While Working

I only know few semi-god-concentration-giants who don’t work with headphones, while being productive at their company’s -usually noisy- office and I really admire them. For the rest of us co-mortals, we need our headphones/earphones, to make it through. But have you ever thought, what should you listen to, at work? And I mean, in terms of best value regarding your current state. Below are some hints, about how you should pick the sound that will entertain your ears. Continue reading

The Incredible Hulk(ython): Making Python Strong(ly Typed)

Python is a wonderful dynamically typed language, but quite a few people consider this as its biggest disadvantage. But why? Even though dynamically typed languages, remove the headache of writing “mundane” type declarations and make writing more pleasant and a little bit faster, this need is just delegated to the runtime environment of the language. That means, that some bugs that could have been eliminated, almost immediately after they are introduced, they will now remain silent till the code is invoked, And you know when this is going to happen, right? Continue reading

Stepping up your javascript debugging skills

Almost all software developers, who have written even a few lines of code for the Web, had at least a quick glance at javascript in their life, which is one of the most in-demand programming languages currently. Some people love it, some hate it. Regardless of your view, if you use it, you will need to debug it eventually. Below I will share some tips that help me in those difficult moments. Continue reading
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