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The IAM introduction I wish I had

The term IAM is one of the common you hear in cloud-native environments. What does such a system do, though? And if you do know, how long did it take you to understand the full purpose? I will explain the main concepts behind this massive software family, having the busy engineer in mind. The fundamentals described here are vendor agnostic. Though most of my experience derives from AWS’s implementation. What is IAM IAM stands for Identity Access Management. Continue reading

How different are managed and serverless services?

A common confusion between people who have their first touchpoint with cloud technologies is What is the difference between serverless technologies and managed services? What Are Managed Services? A managed service enables the end-user to focus on using a service rather setting up the service. Not that the cloud provider can detect your thoughts. Rather any input the service requires is happening via a user-friendly form. Managed services fit into the category of PaaS products (Platform as a Service). Continue reading