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Oh Podcasts, Why Do You Have to Suck

I find podcasts extremely overrated. Yeap, I know this is an extremely selfish and biased opinion, especially given the popularity of this “means of entertainment”. But on the other hand, most things that suck have traction. I can’t recall something that was super ugly and didn’t have fanatic and passionate friends. I will try to explain my view. Bad equipment Too many podcasts have bad equipment. I find it extremely disrespectful and annoying to hear only half of what is discussed, due to low quality microphones. Continue reading

Generate cooking recipes that guarantee food poisoning, with LSTM based libraries

Unless you are living in the Amazonian forest with no access to the Internet, there is literally no chance that you have not heard about the Deep Learning boom, of the last few years. Training neural networks, that can make decisions, distinguish fake images or generate fake videos, in a relatively short time is becoming the norm. It doesn’t all have to be scary though. Sometimes you can just have fun with all that power. Continue reading

A quick way to automate your conda uninstalls

It’s been a while since my last article, truth be told it was an over-demanding set of months for me and not only in my professional life. One of the best things though, I have done during this past period was to submit a chapter to First year in code (Thanks Isaac for the opportunity :) ) Today, I am gonna showcase a python script I made, to help you uninstall all the anaconda packages that match a certain filter. Continue reading

I just finished Code complete cover to cover. Here are the most unexpected things I learned

I got code complete several years ago. Actually, it was a graduation gift. I sometimes peaked into some of its chapters but never thought I was able to read it all at once. It was like a superhuman task for me. Until this year, where I decided, in the game of no excuses, to play hard. One of the battles I chose to give was to finish the book. During this time, I learned a lot of stuff. Continue reading

The Devops Introduction I Wish I Had

Buzzwords are everywhere. You may have noticed that I am not a big fan of them. They are used everywhere (sometimes in a wrong fashion) and because of that, most people afraid to ask the 101-questions as they don’t want to sound ignorant. Some years ago, my back-then-manager asked me if I wanted to do some devops work as part of my software engineer job. Of course, I was young and afraid (for the above reasons) to ask so I just said “yeah, let’s give it a try. Continue reading

Dear Technical Recruiter...

I like you. I really do. I understand that not all my colleagues feel the same way but I have positive feelings for the work you do. I understand the value of doing a good match between a company and the various candidates. It is a very old problem (not only in modern workplace) which needs solution, thus every help is acceptable. Though, you seriously need to… Stop asking for excellent knowledge Yeap, I said it. Continue reading

Devops and Infrastructure for the Solo Dev

Being solo doesn’t mean your infrastructure and operations has to suck. Sadly, in teams of one (and small teams in general), people being physically or emotionally close (eg friends in life, business partners) can be a great excuse to ignore this important part of your day-to-day. You could find a ton of reasons to invest in a DevOps infrastructure, but the two most important for me are It will save your arse in the long run So you are having a demo tomorrow to your only client or to a very significant stakeholder in your company. Continue reading
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